• 2016
    About VOC
    VOC is volatile organic compound and has a tremendous impact on human health.
  • 2016
    Five points for Selecting air filtered equipment
    Air filtered equipment is widely used at present........
  • 2016
    The operating procedure for engine cleaning machine
    After using our machine to clear the carbon deposit and oil dirt in the car engine, the horsepower will be increased and the oil consumption will be reduced. It brings you a comfortable driving experience.
  • 2016
    Southern Section of AOAC International 30th Annual Meeting
    "The Scientific Association Dedicated to Analytical Excellence”
  • 2016
    ACCSI2016, as Science instrument industry changes recorder, will be held in Beijing on April 22, 2016......
  • 2016
    SPE technology advantages
    Compared with the traditional alkaline water electrolysis hydrogen production, SPE hydrogen production is high efficiency, low energy consumption and electrolyte stability, safety and reliability. The device has small size, light weight, long life and other advantages.