Ductless Filtered Fume Hood feedback from Colombia Custermor
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2 sets of Ductless Filtered Fume Hood order from Colombia were shipped out on Nov.17, 2016.The customer has installed and begins to use now. The customer is very satisfied with the effect, indicating that the operating environment of the laboratory has been improved obviously, and is willing to maintain long-term friendly cooperation. Our relevant leaders and foreign trade contacts colleagues also expressed full cooperation, meet customer needs, to bring a better operational experience for customers.

The pictures are taken from the customer:



GR series fume hood is suitable to use in electronics, chemical, machinery, medicine and other industries, and tertiary institutions. High-end laboratories are also widely used. During the experiment operation with potential danger or unknown factors, when do the experimental operation of flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic and harmful, our fume hood can be used to protect laboratory personnel and experimental operation.

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