Declaration on Exclusive Distributor in India
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Certificate of Exclusive Distributor in India


Certificate No.: GR-19


Date of Issue: Aug 20, 2019


Holder: IndoSG Green Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.


Holder Address: 

P No. 20/201-B, Shivam Jaina, Complex, Paschim Vihar Near Jwalaheri Mkt, New Delhi, West Delhi, Delhi, India, 110063


Product: Pure Hydrogen Engine Cleaning Machine


Models: GR-1000, GR-2000, GR-3000, GR-5000


Applied Areas: The Whole Territory of India         


Based on the evidence presented in the above, we certify that IndoSG Green Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. as our Exclusive Distributor in India.


Certificate Approved by / signed on behalf of Jinan Green Lab Instrument Co., Ltd.

Congratulations on the Exclusive Distribution Agreement with IndoSG Green Initiatives Pvt. Ltd. in India.


Please check the certificate below:



We hope for a pleasant business cooperation between us.